Education Services
Established in 2009 by Urban Badenhorst

About the Owner:
Urban has gained extensive experience both as a Training Facilitator and Change Management Agent.

Training Facilitation:
Urban has trained at both shop floor and executive level and his basic philosophy is that a successful facilitator is one that puts his ego aside and the learner becomes the centre of attention. He has trained both as a subcontractor for big training houses and in his personal capacity. Some of his personal clients include; Toyota SA, Murray and Roberts, Dana SA, Duys Engineering, The KwaZulu Natal Tooling Initiative and numerous small business in various industries. Through Training Delivery Companies he has trained at Sasol, Transnet, Aveng and Aberdare Cables. The Training Delivery Companies he has worked with include Competitive Dynamics International and Bruniquel and Associates. Details of his services offering can be viewed under the page with the heading service offering. The proposed training methodology therefor focuses strongly on application in the workplace.

Basic Training Methodology